How to export data from excel sheet to data source (which is a Table)

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I would like to know how to export data from excel sheet to data source (which is a Table)?

For example the excel sheet containing total 20 different records with 5 different accounts. We want to fetch individual account information from excel sheet and then copying to data source i.e Table.

Your inputs will be very helpful to us.

Looking forward to your early response.


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    Hi Satyabrata,

    There are a few ways to do this, depending on exactly what you're trying to accomplish. The simplest way is to simply select and copy the data in Excel, then paste it into the Table in SOAtest (you can even do multiple cells at once, just like copying and pasting within Excel).
    Alternatively, you could also import the Excel file directly - when creating the data source in SOAtest, you have the option to use an Excel Spreadsheet. You can select which page in the Excel file is used, and access any field just like you would in a Table.
    If you wanted to programmatically copy data (such as with a Method Tool), you would need to write the data to a Writable Data Source. Our online documentation has information about writing to Writable Data Sources (in the docs, browse to "Available SOAtest Tools > Other Tools > Custom Scripts/Methods" on the left and click "Accessing Data Sources from Scripts" on the right).

    I hope this helps!
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    Can someone provide me the link for the online documentation.


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    The term "online documentation" is probably the wrong term - for versions 9.10.2 and earlier the documentation is built into the product (starting with 9.10.3 it will truly be online). You can get to it by going to the menu Help > Help Contents.

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