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Can we send HTML request using SOAtest

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One of our services testing scenario includes a call being made to a website using HTML over HTTP. Is there anyway this can be done in SOATest tool? Here is our current product information.

Version: 5.5.3 (Build date: November 18, 2008)
Copyright © 2001-2008 Parasoft Corporation

GRS enabled, Server enabled
1000 Virtual Users
Java Version: 1.5.0_11


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    Hi shaharyar,

    To send HTML to your web service, you can use the Messaging Tool. On the Request tab, set the Input Mode to Literal. Now you can enter the HTML webpage directly into the textbox (choose text/html for the MIME type) or use an input file. On the Transport tab, make sure you enter the URL for the request in the Router Endpoint field. To validate results, you can use any of the standard XML tools (such as XML Assertor) because HTML is a subset of XML.

    I hope this helps!