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METRIC.CBO why accepted range is less than 10 ?

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edited December 2016 in Jtest

Is there any documentation explain the rationale for choosing the acceptable range values for all Metrics ?

The acceptable range for Metric "Coupling between Objects" METRIC.CBO is "less than 10", this seems to be too less in my opinion.

The acceptable range for Metric "Fan Out" METRIC.FO is "less than 50"

The two values does not seem to make sense, they seem to contradict each other.

It seems to mean that its ok to design an object that uses 50 other objects as long as it uses less than 10 methods from other objects !! ??? what am I missing here?



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    There is not any documentation with-in the Jtest help that would help to explain the default thresh-holds that are set; However, the documentation provides an explanation to how each metric is calculated.
    If you want to enable these metrics and calculate them together, and you decide that the limits are not to your liking, you can simply re-configure them to a limit that you believe is necessary.