Monitors in load testing

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how do i view them?
How do i view the monitors i've set while running a load test. Specifically, how do i view them at particular instances?


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    Monitor values are plotted in the LoadTest progress view and are added to the Detailed Report's "Graph" view of the LoadTest report after the completion of the load test.
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    i did see the screen as soon as i ran the load test, and also noticed the reference under the windows menu. however, if i open several other windows or closed them all, did i just lose the pointer to my load test that ran for x hours?
    also, can i save this graph? or do i have to rely on as many screenshots as there are variable in my monitor?
    thanks for the help!
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    It took me a long time to realize that there was a checkbox to save the detailed report.
    sorry about the oops.
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    You can right click on any error report or graph in SOAPtest and choose to save it.
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