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Validations for response traffic in SOAP attachment

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
My application/service uses REST and SOAP where REST request is sent as SOAP attachment and REST response is received as an attachment. I wanted to add validations/method that performs verifications on that REST response which comes as SOAP attachment. Also, I would like to extract some fields from that attachment and use in my next test which is again a REST-SOAP request and dependent on this one.

I tried to add assertions/Method to the attachment but I am seeing message " st arg can't be coerced..." for methods.

Is it possible to add these validations to SOAP attachment?

Unfortunately, I can't attach my script due to data sensitivity. Can you suggest how to add validations for my scenario? I can have data sharing session if required.



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    Good morning Ash,

    As I do not have a copy of your .tst, or any specific knowledge of your test setup, I could only create a generalized example of what I think you need. Attached is a copy of a .tst file that uses a SOAP Client to send an attachment of a SOAP response to an Echo service, which should emulate the service that you are using. An Attachment Handler is chained to the response of the SOAP Client, and has various tests chained to it as well. Hopefully, one of the cases in the example .tst file will provide a working example for your setup.

    If this does not help, please contact [email protected] to arrange a streaming session or more in-depth assistance.

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    Thanks Joseph,
    Yeah, that helped. I am able to use the method and with little tweaking, I am able to use XPath in method and extract values from response traffic.

    Thanks again for your help!