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JSON Data Bank tool using

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Structure of the JSON object is not displayed

I know that JSONDataBank gives a way to visualize the structure of the JSON object, but when I tried it to use this tool, the message structure was not displayed under JSON tab after running test. Only 'this' word is here. I right-clicked on this word and selected 'Expand all, however SOAtest did not expand this object. And I was unable to extract property values from that object.

My question is that how can I look at the structure of the JSON object of the response? Could anyone help to me?

I attached a simple example.
Quick response and repaired example are much appreciated.


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    The reason why you can't see anything in the JSON Data Bank's GUI is because the response/output is not a JSON object. The Web service you're testing/consuming communicates over SOAP which is a completely different format than JSON. I'm attaching an example that should display a simple JSON object. The .tst file was modified with SOAtest 5.5.1 SP 4.0 so you will need this version or a later one in order to open up the .tst project.

    Note that the test will fail because I'm sending it to endpoint, and the content I'm sending won't be accepted. But I'm attaching the JSON Data Bank to the request of the Messaging Client so it will be able to capture the outgoing JSON content, and you should be able to view the content in the JSON Data Bank's GUI.