How to add a global method

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We have in our SOAP tests a lot many operations that are using the same method for some or the other purposes. How do I add a method globally so that instead of calling the same method in every opertaion, I can call that once for all of the operations?

Ex: We have operations 1A, 1B, 1C using the same method 2A. And currently I am including method2A in each of the 1A,1B,1C. The issue here is if I need to make some minor changes in the method, then I need to go and do that in each of the operation. So instead of this, if I can declare this method globally and can call this for each of the operation it would be great.

I added the method as a TOOL but I guess it's not serving my purpose. Is there anyway by which this is supported currently in SOAP Test



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    You should be able to accomplish this by adding a Method Tool as a Global Tool( Right-Click>Add to Project>Add Global...> Add Tool).
    Then, when you wish to add the that Method Tool somewhere, you would switch from "Create New Tool" to "Reference Global Tool" and select the Tool.

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