How to compare 2 xml response files? (Other than Diff control)

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i run a request r1 against one webservice (endpoint) say e1 and get response as res1. then same request r1 will sent to different endpoint e2 and get response as res2.
now i want to compare the res1 and res2 xml files. i dont want to use Diff control as it compares the files line by line. i want the files to be compared on node bases, as the elements order in res1 and res2 differs.
so let me know how this can be done.



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    There is an option in the Diff tool to ignore element order. That should allow you to compare your two response properly.

    If all the elements are the same(names included) and just in a different order, then the Diff, with the ignore order option, should work.

    If not, then you can use an XML Transformer to extract the elements in the same order, then the output of the 2 XML Transformers can be compared with a Diff.

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