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I do not see Scenario as an option, where did it come from?
Hi, I have a TestSuite that contains TestSuite's and Scenarios... my question is where the heck did the Scenario come from? I just noticed it... what is it?

I don't see Scenario's in the SOATest Documentation... visually it appears to be the same thing as a TestSuite, except for the text reads "Scenario: Your TS Name here", rather than "Test Suite: Your TS Name here".


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    A Scenario is a Test Suite where the order of the test matters(Example: Place Order, Check Order, Cancel Order. Running Cancel Order without having run Place Order doesn't make sense). You can see Test Suite change to Scenario if you select the "Tests Run as Group" or "Tests run all sub-groups as part of the group" options under "Execution Options" of the Test Suite.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions on the difference between Scenarios and Test Suites.

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