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Parameterization in DB tool

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Parameterization in DB tool
How to get the SQL Query in DB tool parameterized by a nested element of XML Data bank.
I used the following query but got SQL error
Select * from where = $[long]
where long is the nested element of OrderId which is the element in XML Data bank


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    You want to make sure to use the column name that is defined in the XML Data Bank. Typically these are in the form of: Test 1: x

    Yours might be something like $[Test 1: long]

    If you click on the XML Data Bank and take a look at the list of Selected XPaths on the right, you'll see a column for "DataSource column names". Find the value you're interested in in this list, and make sure you are using the correct column name.

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    Yes ,It was the case .Now the problem is solved.It was the problem.