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Using PST as a License Server standalone on linux

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PST contains three products which are GRS, TCM, and License Server. To only use the License Server as a standalone installation on linux, follow these steps:

1) Download the PST file. The file name should be similar to PST_(version).sh
2) Run chmod on the file to make it executable. For instance,

chmod u+x PST_(version).sh

3) Create a directory where PST will be installed.
4) Run the PST_(version).sh using the "-i" and the path to the installation directory. For instance,

./PST_(version).sh -i ~/pst

(Note: The installer will overwrite your existing crontab. The previous crontab is backed up in (PST install directory)/bin/cronguard.cron
crontab cronguard.cron

5) The default port for the Tomcat used by License Server is 80. If this should be changed, then:

a) Open the file (PST install directory)/tomcat/conf/server.xml
b) Scroll down to
<Service name="PST">
c) Change the next element CODE<Connector port="80"...> to the appropriate value.

6) Also, if there is another Tomcat installation on the system, then the shutdown ports may conflict. To change the shutdown port:

a) Open the file (PST install directory)/tomcat/conf/server.xml
b) The first line should be CODE<Server port="8005" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">
c) Change this to another port such as 8006.

7) The Tomcat has to be configured to use the JRE that comes with PST. To do this:
a) Open (PST install directory)/tomcat/bin/
b) After the comments at the top of the script, add the line:

JAVA_HOME="(PST install directory)/jre"

8) PST creates a .pstrc file in your home directory that has environment variables that need to be set. To apply the .pstrc, logout and login to apply the .pstrc. Or use your shell to apply it. For instance, if you're using bash, then you can do:

source .pstrc

in your home directory.

9) Run (PST install directory)/bin/

10) Start the service and exit.

11) Use a web browser to connect to PST, click on the LS tab, and add the license.