How do I build and test robust Web Services with Jtest

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Testing any and all Java components that depend on the presence of web containers,
application servers, or messaging layers can be very complex. To ensure that these
components are operating properly, a two-fold testing approach is recommended.

1. Test your implementation layer:
Use Parasoft Jtest to analyze this code-- as well as any other Java code that sits in the
source control repository. During this analysis, Jtest will find bugs that represent bad patterns throughout the code, flow dependent errors, or errors exposed by automatic unit testing.

2. Test your web service and its messaging layer:
Use Parasoft SOAtest to automate all phases of web service testing, from WSDL
validation, to unit and functional testing of the server (service provider) and the client
(service consumer), to performance testing. SOAtest addresses key Web service
issues such as interoperability, security, change management, and scalability.
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