test executes 5 times, store data using XML Data Bank in Writable Data Source

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Saving mult iterations of a response
I am using our login service that access a data table and runs 5 times, once for each login name that i have listed in the table. After the I run the service, I can see that it executes once for each of the 5 rows in the data table. The traffic viewer shows 5 responses and 5 differenct sessionId's. How do I store each individual sessionId? Currently when I use the XML Data Bank it only saves the last sessionId from the 5 responses.

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    You can do this by using a Writable Data Source in the XML Data Bank. I've attached an example test suite. The first test gets the id numbers of the books and writes it to a Writable Data Source. The second test uses these numbers for the request message. If you run the test, then you should see three runs in the Traffic Viewer for the second test.
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