Using values returned from Database as input for next request

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I am new to SOATest and have already worked with QTP web services addins. I wanted to know how can I store the value that is returned as a response from the DB to the web service. Basically I want to use this response as an iput to my next request


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    There are two ways you can get database data into SOAtest:

    Using a Data Source
    1) Right click on the test suite and select Add Data Source->Default.
    2) Change the Type to Database.
    3) Enter values into the fields and click on the Refresh Data button at the bottom.
    4) Now the data from the database can be used for an input in the request by parameterizing it.

    Using the DB Tool
    1) Right click on the test suite and select Add Test->Standard Test->New Tool->DB Tool.
    2) Right click on the DB Tool and select Add Output->New Output->XML Data Bank.
    3) Click on the DB Tool and enter values into the fields.
    4) When you run the DB Tool, the XML Data Bank will be filled with data from the database.
    5) The values in the XML Data Bank can be used for parameterizing inputs.

    Another difference between using a Data Source and the DB Tool is that the SQL Query field in the DB Tool can be parameterized.

    Also, in the XML Data Bank you have to click on the nodes you want to use and click Add to make them available for parameterizing in other tests.
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