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Test Suite Reference

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
I noticed the menu option File->Add Test->Test Suite->Import. What is the best way to use this?

Can test suites imported by reference be used to share method tool scripts without making extra copies of them in the new project?



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    Add Test->Test Suite->Import will create a copy of the imported test suite into the current test suite. This copy can be edited and changes made to this copy will not affect the original source test suite.

    Add Test->Test Suite->Reference will create a copy that cannot be edited. It can be run like a normal test suite, but nothing inside it can be changed.

    If you want to share the scripts, then you could click on the root test suite and select Add Global->Tool->Method. Then that script could be used in any of the tests in the test suite by selecting it from the Existing Output menu. For instance, you could do SOAP Client->Response->SOAP Envelope->Existing Output and the method tool defined in the global tools should be listed there.

    If you want to share the scripts among several test suite files, then importing by reference wouldn't work because the scope of the method tool would be limited to the referenced test suite. You could follow the steps in the previous paragraph to add a global method tool and for the method tool select the File option instead of the Text option. Then the File field could point to a text file that contains the script. By doing this, you could have several test suite files point to the same text file for the script.