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Could not make connection error - Call Back URL

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Hi Cpark,

1) I have just started learning SOATest. I went thru the client testing topic on Tutorial and when i tried running emulated client, i got the following error 'Could not make connection: Connection timed out: connect:. What does it mean? How to get rid of this problem.

2) What is an call back url?

As i am a newbie these questions may be very basic but i need an eloborate answer to continue my SOA ramp-up.

Bill Woods.


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    Here are some things you should check:

    1) Is the Tomcat Server running in the SOAtest instance that has the server stub? To start the Tomcat Server:
    a) Click on the Tomcat Server tab. If the tab is not open, go to View->Show Tomcat Server.
    b) Right click on Tomcat Server and select Start Tomcat.
    c) If the Tomcat Server is running, there should be a green dot next to it.

    2) The Call Back URL is the address for the local Tomcat Server that SOAtest is using for the server stub. To find this address, click on one of the server stub test cases. There should be a field called Call Back URL with something like http://:9080/servlet/MessageHandler. Copy this address and paste it into the Endpoint field in the client test case. You may have to select the Custom option to enable the field.

    3) The server stub has to be running for the client to connect to it. For example, the order should be:
    a) Click on the server stub and run the test. You can check if it's running by checking if the Stop button is enabled or a flashing green dot in the lower right corner.
    b) Go to the SOAtest instance with the client. Now you should be able to run the test.
    c) After the test is run, both the server stub and the client will stop and have green dots next to them to indicate success.