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Reading parameters form a file

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
Reading parameters form a file
My requirement is to execute test suites against multile EndPoints with different SOAP headers.

Can SOA Test read "EndPoint" or "WSDL URI" or "SOAP Headers" form a flat-file ?


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    SOAP Headers: You can add SOAP Headers in SOAtest and parameterize the values to a data source. For instance, in the SOAP Client there is a tab near the right side called Header. You could click on Add and add a SOAP Header to the request message. Then you could parameterize the elements to a data source. If the values are in a file, you could create a data source for the file.

    Endpoint: The default endpoint that SOAtest uses is the endpoint defined in the WSDL. You can temporarily change the endpoint during runtime by using the command line option -router. You can find more details on this by going to Help menu, Documentation, Test Management, Understanding Available Commands.

    WSDL URI: This URI is what SOAtest uses to create the test cases. You should make test cases from each WSDL by using the New Project wizard. Why do you need to change the WSDL URI?

    If you have more questions, include more details on what you're trying to do
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    Thank a lot for the reply. It was helpful to manage my SOAP headers in a file, rather than pasting the same SOAP headers in all my test suites.

    The WSDL and the schema files are distributed to us as physical files. We point to these files located in our local hard drive, while creating the test suites.

    However, different people who are developing the test suites may have their WSDL and schema files in different locations on their hard drive.

    Just wondering, if SOA test can read the path of WSDL file from a flat file, so that it is easily manageable.
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    You could try using a Global SOAP Header for the SOAP Clients. For instance,

    1) Right click on the test suite.
    2) Select Add Global->Property->SOAP Headers.
    3) For each SOAP Client, click on the Headers tab.
    4) Choose Use Shared Property from the drop-down box.
    5) Select the global SOAP header.

    I've attached an example test suite of this.

    Also, have you considered creating a central location for the WSDL? If you have the WSDL on local hard drives, then if changes are made to the WSDL on one machine, it won't be consistent with the other WSDLs.
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    You are correct.
    We are considering creating a central location for the WSDL and schema files.

    Thanks for your help.