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I am trying to figure out how to share a WSDL ws-i conformance report but it seems that the XSL files and other links in the report are hardcoded for my machine. Is there a way to send the report to someone or to download it as a unit with the XSL and links as relative paths to the report itself?


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    The XML and XSL are both used to form the HTML conformance report. If you send someone the XML, then it will cause errors if they don't have the XSL at the place specified in the XML. One solution is to send them the HTML file instead of the XML. To do this:

    1) Right click on the WS-I test and select Add Output->Conformance Report->New Output->XSLT.
    2) Click on the XSLT tool and type in/browse for the path to the report.xsl specified in the XML. The default location for this is C:\Program Files\Parasoft\SOAtest\4.5\wsi\common\xsl\report.xsl
    3) Right click on the XSLT tool and select Add Output->Transformed Source->New Output->Write File
    4) Click on the Write File tool and type in the file name. It will be an html file so the extension should be .html Also choose the Target Directory.

    You should be able to send this html file since it does not require any hardcoded links to your machine.

    I've attached an example test suite of the above steps.
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