Using RMI in SOAtest

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How to use a RMI URL in SOATest
I am wanting to use a the RMI URL(t3//, rmi//) to call a remote method that will start our workflow.

I can create a test using method(a test option), and put in the class that will make the remote method call, but I cannot
figure out a way to get SOATest to recognize: t3:// which is setup
on the server.

So I do not want to test a WebService but I want to test a remote method call using RMI and then do some load testing with that call. Is there a way that I can do that in SOATest?



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    You should be able to use RMI after configuring SOAtest. The User's Guide (Help menu->Documentation) has a section called "Testing Through Other Protocols" which has a topic called "Using RMI Transport in SOAtest." That topic has details on how to use RMI in SOAtest. After you follow the steps there, you should be able to put t3:// in the Host: and Port: fields and run the test. If it doesn't work, let me know what error message you get from SOAtest.
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    The topic title in the 9.9.x SOAtest User's Guide has changed a little. It is now "Testing Through Different Protocols" and there is a section on RMI.

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