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chrleechrlee Posts: 3

Has anybody had any success using Parasoft 10.3 with Greenhills 2016.5.4 using the --c++11 compiler flag. For some reason even though the project file (.gpj) that is used to import the project settings has that flag it gets left out when I look at the console messages. Once c++11 code is encountered I see errors in the console related to the C++ 11 syntax.

An example of a specific console error message is:
<path\filename>, line : error: expected either a definition or a tag name
enum class : short
In the console there is a line that shows all the parameters for the unit being checked, I see everything I expected except the --c++11, in fact I put -Oc++11 in the .gpj just to see if it catches that bad input and got a message back in the console suggesting that I meant to put --c++11.


  • JoshScogginsJoshScoggins Posts: 18
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    Which architecture is your GHS compiler targeting? Also, what is your exact Parasoft C++test version as 10.3 refers to several different potential versions.

  • chrleechrlee Posts: 3

    Thanks for the Reply.

    I am targeting a PPC (selecting PPC v.2013.1.x family for Greenhills Compilier).
    Going to the Help->About shows me Parasoft version 10.3, however the console log shows a DTP Engine version of 10.3.3. Not sure where else to look for the Parasoft version information.

  • DanielDominguezDanielDominguez Posts: 7

    Off the top of my head I don't believe the 2013 compiler was a C++-11 capable compiler, so C++Test is not prepared for the c++-11 flag for that version. However, we will be releasing support for the GHS PPC 2017 compiler with the upcoming C++Test 10.4 release, which is C++-11 enabled.

  • JoshScogginsJoshScoggins Posts: 18

    That is correct, GHS PPC 2013.1 is not a c++11 capable compiler so that compiler configuration will not work correctly for your version.

  • chrleechrlee Posts: 3

    Well that would explain my problems then :-)
    It sounds like I will need to upgrade to 10.4 when it is available.
    Thank you both for your input on this problem.

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