Run a particular test in the suite multiple times

MaddysonMaddyson Posts: 1
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Is there a setting in Parasoft SOA which allows the user to run a particular test multiple times???

For example in my Test suite I have test1, test2 and test3, I want to run test2 three times before running test3. Is this possible?


  • OmarROmarR Posts: 224 admin

    Hello Maddyson,

    Take a look at "Test Flow Logic" found in your Top Test Suite >Execution Options.
    The following example is configured for the Messaging client to run 3 times without a particular condition. No test suite variable is necessary here. Simply change the Flow type to "While Variable" and provide the number of times you would like for your test suite to loop.

    If you would like for your test to loop until a certain condition is met, I recommend looking over @Thomas Moore's comment in the following link for reference:

  • VinayVinay Posts: 10

    Just want to clarify, looping/Test Suite flow logic is defined at "Test Suite" or "Test Scenario" level not at test level. So if you have specific test to run n-times, I would suggest to add that test in separate test-suite/scenario and apply above solution recommended by OmarR.
    After changes, your test suite would look something like this:
    Test Suite: test1, Test Suite2 -> test2, test3. You need to set the "Test Suite Flow Logic" at Test Suite2.

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