Is there a way to use a variable in the "Custom column name:" of a databank?

BrianQuantumBrianQuantum Posts: 21

I am iterating over a set of data using a REST GET command. I have an XML databank saving values from the response. I don't know how many responses I will get prior to the test. I run a command that counts the number of responses prior to the test so that during the test, it knows how many responses there will be. I would love to use a variable that gets incremented in the Test Scenario in part of the "Custom column name:" so that I have unique values to use in subsequent tests. Can this be done? Thanks


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 404 admin

    There is no way to use a variable within Custom column name. Even if there was, I'm not sure that would solve your problem, since you would need to reference each unique variable later in your tests, but you wouldn't know ahead of time which ones you could reference. I'm wondering if you should instead write the values to a Writable data source, which will aggregate the values in multiple rows within a single column. Then, if you needed to get specific values, you could use scripting to check how many values were added and pull out the specific ones you need.

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