Can Flow Analysis be performed across multiple Eclipse projects?

glenlglenl Posts: 3

The project code (C/C++) is structured into multiple projects. To create the program, 1 very small project is the executable and that links to a number static libraries. The libraries then reference each other.

The Flow Analysis will flag many "function is not used in the testing scope" errors as, apparently, the scope doesn't extend to the other projects. I've tried selecting multiple projects at once and the tool does process the multiple projects. It does not, however, seem to treat the code as a "whole" and just checks one project against itself.

I'd think this was also inhibiting other Flow Analysis checks that'd be great to have.

Is there a way to have a large code base structured into multiple Eclipse projects be evaluated as a whole? I'm using Parasoft C/C++test 10.4.1.


  • brian_nucklesbrian_nuckles Posts: 29 admin

    Hi Glen,

    Flow Analysis, and all Parasoft static analysis runs are restricted to the knowledge gathered during the build process of each project. The testing scope is then calculated from the build data. Depending on how your build process is implemented between projects, it is likely that each individual build does not have enough knowledge of function usage between your static libraries and therefore reports it as out of scope. Eclipse projects are generally separated into individual builds which would explain Flow Analysis not handling multiple projects in the same testing scope.

  • glenlglenl Posts: 3

    Thanks, Brian.

    The solution then would be to create a project with all of the files. It looks like Parasoft follows the Eclipse file links, or follows the build that uses the links, so pulling everything into a project just for static analysis shouldn't be too hard.

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