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  • Re: Auto re run of Failed scenario

    You can double-click the parent Scenario, then go to Execution Options: Test Flow Logic: Flow type: While pass/fail. Then choose: Loop until: Every test: Succeeds. Enter the maximum number of loops you want to re-run the scenario in the event that it continues to fail.


  • Screenshots on failure for browser tests using Selenium WebDriver

    As of SOAtest 9.10.2 you can automatically take screenshots when browser tests running with Selenium WebDriver fail. This lets you see what happened in the browser even if you weren't able to watch it happen during the test run. SOAtest can save your screenshots to a folder or embed them directly into HTML reports.

    For now you set a Java system property to turn this feature on and tell SOAtest how to save screenshots. In the future we might move this setting to a preference and remove the system property. Set the property "com.parasoft.tool.screenshot.Location" to either a directory path or to "". Using a directory path like "C:/nightly/screenshots/" tells SOAtest to save screenshots to the directory. Using "" tells SOAtest to embed screenshots directly in the HTML report.

    There are a lot of ways to set Java system properties depending on how you're using SOAtest. You could define the property when launching SOAtest by adding -J-Dcom.parasoft.tool.screenshot.Location="" to the command used to start SOAtest. Or you could run an Extension Tool that sets the property. Here's an example in Groovy:

    def setScreenshots() {
        System.setProperty("com.parasoft.tool.screenshot.Location", "C:\\nightly\screenshots");

    Once you set the property, SOAtest will take a screenshot every time a browser test running with Selenium WebDriver fails. If you want your screenshots saved to a directory but also want them to appear in your reports, make sure you generate your report in the same directory where SOAtest saved your screenshots.