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  • Re: Comparing Responses to Files

    There are two different things you can try that might work for you:
    1. Modify the data source iteration to be in lock-step: in the test suite editor, go to the Execution Options tab and expand Advanced Options. Change the "Multiple data source iteration" option to "Flat (lockstep)".
    2. Use an Aggregate Data Source that contains the Writable DS and the File DS. The Aggregate will cause the two data sources to behave like a single data source where their rows iterate in lock-step. I'm hoping that this can work for you.
    Hopefully one of these can help solve your problem.

  • Re: Auto re run of Failed scenario

    Hi @sansachie - the functionality that you are asking for, and that @tony described, was added in version 9.9.3. You will need to upgrade SOAtest in order to get that functionality. The only other option that I can think of is to script your test executions outside of SOAtest from a bash or shell script - where you run the SOAtest test, process the XML report to see if there were failures, and then rerun. But this will be much harder to build and maintain and get the reports you want - upgrading the product would be much easier and would give you what you are looking for. :smile:

  • Re: Enabling TLSv1.2 in SOAtest/Virtualize

    Right - that makes sense since the file is explicitly referenced as a .exe file from the VAPI script. Sorry I missed that. Unfortunately I am not aware of any other way to set the JDK without modifying the VAPI script.