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  • Re: How to have two variable conditions in Test flow Logic

    You may need to use three test variables - two that track the two values, and one that the test flow logic depends on. You would then use an Extension Tool to set the value of the third variable based on the first two variables using the com.parasoft.api.ScriptingContext.setValue() API method from the SOAtest extensibility API.

  • Re: Pymongo in soatest

    SOAtest ships with Jython 2.5, so you need pymongo 2.9 as described here: https://docs.mongodb.com/ecosystem/drivers/python/

    You can download pymongo 2.9 from here: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pymongo/2.9

    I am using Windows, so I downloaded pymongo-2.9-py2.5-win32.egg

    Once you download the egg file, unzip it into a directory. Then in SOAtest, go to the Scripting preferences and specify the directory where you unzipped pymongo as the "Jython path".

    Then in an Extension Tool, you can import pymongo and use it:

    from pymongo import *
    def connectToMongo(x, context):
        client = MongoClient()

    As written this script will fail unless you have a Mongo DB instance listening on the default host and port. However, in the Extension Tool you can tell that the pymongo library is being loaded by clicking the Evaluate button - if the "Error message" box next to it is empty, then pymongo is correctly being loaded.

  • Re: Pymongo in soatest

    Did you unzip the pymongo egg file? Which directory did you put into the Jython Path preference setting in SOAtest? It sounds like a configuration issue since I was able to make it work yesterday. So please give some details about exactly what you did and where you put things and hopefully we can figure it out.

  • Re: Email test execution report after execution is complete

    You also need the report.mail.include setting - you can set it to a comma-separate list of email addresses to which to send the report. See https://docs.parasoft.com/display/SOAVIRT9103/Configuring+Localsettings

  • Re: Need a method which can trigger a specific test from the java code

    In general you cannot tell SOAtest to execute a different test from an Extension tool. However, there may be other ways to structure your tests to accomplish what you desire. Could you give us a few more details about the scenario you are trying to set up, and why you are trying to do it that way? Are there some conditions under which you want to execute tests 4 and 7? Or do you have a large number of tests in one .tst and you want to execute a couple of them from another .tst? Or something else?