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  • Remote execution for SOAtest Server script

    The Parasoft Marketplace now has a bash script for running tests on a remote SOAtest server. Visit the marketplace then look for Remote execution for SOAtest Server script for download link and details.

    You can invoke this script directly from a bash prompt or from another bash script. This script can also be invoked from your CI system as a build step to run your functional and integration tests on a SOAtest Server. Use this script in combination with Parasoft Findings to publish the test results into your CI system (Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity, VSTS).

    The server URL, credentials, and test scope are passed to the script as command line arguments. Test execution progress is printed, indicating whether the job is queued or the percent completed. When the test execution has finished, a test summary is printed and the SOAtest XML/HTML reports are downloaded.

  • Re: which version of JSON schema is supported

    json-schema draft 4 and draft 5. Some properties from json-schema draft 3 are also understood, ones that were removed or redefined in draft 4, such as the "required" property. json-schema draft 5 is the same as draft 4 except that the draft itself fixes vocabulary, various typos, and bad examples.

    The Swagger/OpenAPI schema object model is understood. It is a subset of json-schema draft 4 with some extensions.

    json-schema documents from RAML are also understood.

    Support for future json-schema drafts and other JSON type models are anticipated.