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  • Re: Facing 404 not found error using Responder correlation in SV9.10.2

    You will need a different XPath. CDATA is just a text node which in your case just happens to be another XML document. The embedded XML document would first need to be extracted with one XPath expression and then processed by a second XPath Expression. I have an idea about how to change the XPath for your correlation but will need to verify. I will post a followup if/when I'm able to make a concrete suggestion.

  • Re: Iterate through the Database Data Source

    Is there a way for me to see the returned values from the Database Data source (to ensure that it is actually contain 3 rows of data)?

    In case this helps you, you could run a little groovy script from an Extension Tool to check the number of rows or the contents of a particular column:

    import com.parasoft.api.*
    void checkDataSource(Object input, ScriptingContext context) {
        List<String> firstCol = context.getValues(
            "MyDS", // set this to the name of your data source
            "A")    // set this to the name of some column in your data source
  • Re: Enabling TLSv1.2 in SOAtest/Virtualize

    Method 2 from Omar's original comment should work if you are on Windows. Otherwise, you might also consider upgrading to the latest SOAtest release which runs with a Java 8 by default.

  • Re: How to validate first 15 characters of a string in Diff Tool

    The Diff tool's text differ has an option to use regular expressions in the control source. Look for "Regular Expression" on the Options tab. This way your control source could contain the 15 characters you expect followed by .* (or something).

  • Re: How to skip a node from JSON assertion

    You may also consider using a Diff tool. This is the simplest way to assert on the entire document but also let you configure any specific differences to ignore.