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  • Re: Triggering SOAtest TestSuite Runs Using Java Code Internally through ExtensionTool

    Hi Rahul,

    One thing you might be able to try is calling the SOAtest REST API to execute the additional tests. To use it, you must first start up the SOAtest server, which can be found under Window -> Show View -> SOAtest Server.

    From there, you can start up the server, and you can find the API at http://[machine_name]:9080/soavirt/api. The specific API you would be looking for would be POST /v5/testExecutions. Could you give this a look and see if it might work for your use case?

    Hope this helps,


  • Re: Loop through files in a directory with POST http request for each file

    Hi Irina,

    One easy way to do is this by using a File Datasource. You can point the File Datasource at any filepath on your machine, and it will add another row to each of its columns for every file in that directory.

    Once you have that configured, in your client with the POST request, switch it from text to File, and enter in ${File Path} to the Input File field.

    This will loop through your directory, sending every file specified in the Data Source.

    Let me know if this helps!


  • Re: How to read JSON response with JYTHON script.

    Hi Suhas,

    I'm not sure what release of SOAtest you're using, but going back several major versions, we have access to a JSON Databank tool that will acheive your exact scenario without scripting.

    Attaching a JSON Databank to the response traffic of your messaging client will give you a graphical representation of the response traffic that you can use to extract the exact values you are looking for.

    Hope this helps!