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  • Re: How to extract fields from response message and write to file?

    Hi Trand2,

    I am a bit unclear about what exactly is your end scenario.
    Are the following requirements correct?
    1. Request and response pairs in the same.
    2. Each pair of request and response should be in a different file.

    If the above is correct then you will want to use the File(write file) tool chained onto the client's "traffic stream".

    This will now add the request and responses into a single file, now to separate these pairings into separate files you will want to configure the name of the file that is created by the Write file tool to be unique for each pairing.

    This can by adding %t to the name of the file, these characters add the time to the name. For more options Click "Help" next to the file name text box.

    Example of output of names:

    If this is not your use case and you are actually trying to separate the request and response pairs as well , then you will have to use the naming concept from this post and the "write file" tool configurations from Omar's post above.

    I suggest looking through the SOATest documentation for "write file" tool, especially the Customizing write file section as it goes into dept explaining the naming options.

    You cannot chain anything to the Traffic viewer as the traffic viewer is not outputting any data to another tool. The messaging client is outputting data, therefore it is possible to modify it with the different tools.