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  • Re: Writable Data Source Append not Working as Expected

    Is this a bug?

    SOAtest doesn't have bugs ;)

    What version are you currently using?

  • Re: How to extract fields from response message and write to file?

    Good afternoon TRAND2,

    Try chaining a Write File to your Messaging Client's request traffic AND response traffic separately. Configure each write file to output the information to different file names. For example,

    As for your second inquiry, try using an xml transformer to extract the desired information and use a Write file to output it to a text file.

    Give this a shot and let me know if you run into any other hurdles :triumph:

  • Resolving Community License Error

    Resolving Community License Error


    When activating your Community License for the first time, you may run into the following:

    Community License is not currently available. Please try again later and contact Parasoft if you are still unable to access Community License.

    This error can occur when the license connection is blocked by a firewall or there is a corporate proxy in place.


    1) Check for updates. It is likely that any licensing issues have already been resolved with the latest updates made to Community Edition.

    2) Ping “”. An unsuccessful ping test indicates that there may be a firewall blocking this connection. If so, you should consult with your IT department to allow network access for your Community Edition.

    3) Check your IE browser settings to verify if your machine is using a Proxy:

    • Open IE
    • Click the Tools button
    • Click on Internet Options
    • Click on the Connections Tab
    • Click on LAN settings

    If so, try adding these same settings within your CE instance in Parasoft>Preferences>Proxy.

    Enable “Automatic Configuration script” or “Proxy Settings” depending on your current configurations.

    After applying the appropriate settings, click Okay. Reopen your Parasoft Preferences and re-apply your License.

    If the behavior persists, disable the initial proxy setting, “Automatic Configuration script”, and enable the secondary option, “Same Proxy Server for all Protocols”.

    After applying the appropriate settings, click Okay. Reopen your Parasoft Preferences and re-apply your license.

    If none of these steps resolve your license error or you continue to experience any unexpected behavior, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at so that we may assist you with resolving this.