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  • Re: Error in XML Data Bank with strings that contain "&"

    Good morning,

    Unfortunately, the text databank will only extract the first instance of the extraction. You would need to create several extractions using the row "index" as a boundary to differentiate between the different company names.

    By the way, did you try enabling the "Encode XML characters" option in your DB tool? This option will encode special characters that are contained in your xml payload such as '&' or '<' to avoid breaking the xml when it is passed into an XML databank. I recommend giving this a try if you haven't already.

  • Re: How to dynamically add xml tag to a soap request?

    Good morning Wadjikarsushant,

    One approach could be to store the xml tag in a test suite variable using context.setValue("testsuitename", xmltag) and then reference the variable in your soap request by using the ${var_name} notation: a dollar sign with the variable's name wrapped in curly braces.

    < ${testsuitename} />

  • Re: Traffic Viewer does not show the SOAP Response

    Heyhey Sunkarabhanu,

    The logs show the following:
    [WARN ] [13:00:57,543] Thread-101 com.parasoft.webtool.messaging.Logger: Connection refused: connect Connection refused: connect at Method) at at at at at at at at at<init>( at<init>( at<init>( at at webtool.messaging.SoapLogConfiguration.addLogs( at webtool.messaging.HTTPTransportSocketUtil.getHTTPSocket( at webtool.messaging.HTTPTransport.sendRequest( at webtool.messaging.HTTPTransport.invokeInternal( at webtool.messaging.HTTPTransport.invokeInternal( at webtool.messaging.HTTPTransport.invoke( at webtool.messaging.MessagingClientConfig.invokeOverHTTP( at webtool.messaging.MessagingClientConfig.invoke( at at

    The exception above can be due to any of the following:

    1) Server is not running

    2) The server is running, but You are trying to connect to the wrong port number.

    3) Host-Port combination is incorrect

    4) Incorrect protocol in Connection String

    5) A Firewall is blocking the connection

    Please verify your test configurations and ensure that your environment is properly set up to communicate with your server. It may also help to compare the Request headers between SoapSonar and SOAtest to see what the differences are!

  • Generating a Log (Technical Support Archive) to Troubleshoot Errors/Failures

    Parasoft: Generating a Log (Technical Suppport Archive) to troubleshoot Failures/Errors


    Initially, if a user is experiencing unexpected behavior such as build failures, warnings, or errors, the user should look over the console output and the Quality Task notifications to determine the reason for the behavior.

    If the console or Quality Task notifications do not provide enough details to resolve the issue, the next step in troubleshooting is to create a Technical Support Archive. The archive is a zip file that contains the source file(s) that caused that failure (if applicable), as well as related test information.


    1) Click on Parasoft>Preferences in the top toolbar

    2) Click Console on the left Panel and select High Verbosity

    3) Click Technical Support on the left Panel and Apply all the settings shown below and click Okay. Note:You can change the Archives location to a more convenient directory (e.g., C:/ or desktop) to quickly retrieve the archive.

    4) Run your Test Scenario that produces the errors

    5) After a few test executions (with errors), navigate back to Parasoft>Preferences>TechnicalSupport and click Create Archive

    6) A zip file will be created with details on why the current errors may be occurring.

    7) Extract or Unzip the file

    8) Locate the xtest.log found in the directory below:


    9) Open the xtest.log and do a search for a section of the error that you are seeing in the console or Quality Tasks view.

    10) Analyze the error details shown alongside the specific error to get insight on what the source of the issue could be.

  • Re: Combine the value from two response fields in a third field

    Thank you for clarifying! Multiplication! If you wish to do some type of calculation on the fly, you will most likely require a script as suggested above (thanks for the lovely script Chris ;) )

    To add to Chris's solution:
    The "context" parameter contains most of the metadata from test runs like
    environment variables, Suite variables, databank variables, etc. A user can access the Databank values using a special Data Source name: "Generated Data Source". For example:
    value = context.getValue("Generated Data Source", "columnName")
    The "columnName" here would be the column name in the XML Data Bank.

    Similarly, to access values from a table or an excel Datasource, a user would simply use the name given to the datasource. For example:
    value = context.getValue("myTable-ds", "columnName")
    The "columnName" here would be the column name in the Table-datasource.