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  • Using Visual Studio 2015 with x64 and not able to find CL.exe

    We have found that when using Visual Studio 2015 with Insure++ versions 7.4.10 and up that if you want to build your application as an 64 bit application, the build will fail because it was unable to find the CL.exe. This is happening because there was a change in how MSBuild works with x64 bit applications which is causing this behavior.

    The fix for this is as follows:

    1. Go to “C:/Program Files (x86)/MSBuild/Microsoft.Cpp/v4.0/V140/Platforms/x64/ImportBefore/”
    2. Open the XML file “Parasoft.Insure.Platform.targets”
    3. Locate the line “$(InsureToolPath);$(NativeExecutablePath)”, it should be at or around line 12.
    4. Either delete or Comment out this line.

    This file is generated when Insure++ is installed so it is safe to modify. This will be fixed in a later release of the tool.

  • Re: How to include header files into Static Analysis scan using the C/C++ DTP Engine?

    Yes, the "-module" option will include the header files in the scan. All tested files located in the root directory or its sub-directories will be long to the module. All header files located in the root directory or its sub-directories that are included by the tested source files will also belong to the module and be analyzed with the source files.

  • Re: Skipped Files Listing

    For C++test 9.x, skipped files could be collected from the C++test console output (with verbosity=High):
    Skipping /aaa/goo.cpp - this file is not included in build
    Skipping /aaa/foo.h - this file is not directly testable

    It’s not available in C++test 10.x Desktop.

  • Increasing performance with the DTP Engine for Java

    For big projects and configurations that have enabled a great quantity of rules (corerules ~650 rules) or memory demanding global rules for the test run, we recommend increasing the Java Virtual Memory for the DTP Engine for Java.

    According to the article, Java 8 has higher heap space usage use to removing PermGen space:
    Java heap space impact: "Some miscellaneous data has been moved to the Java heap space"

    You can adjust the memory allocation for the JVM process by modifying the value for "-Xmx" in the file "jtestcli.jvm" located in the directory "[INSTALL DIRECTORY]/etc/". Example:


    g = Gigabyte
    m = Megabyte

  • Re: Increasing performance with the DTP Engine for Java

    These steps can also be applied to the other DTP Engines. Just look in the installation directory for the directory "etc" and in there will be a file listed as "[DTP Engine]cli.jvm" and this is were you can set the Java Memory for other DTP Engines.