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  • Hi @bmcglau Thanks for you feedback. But one point i want to mention here. While creating test methods jtest is mocking al input l parameters. While writing test methods may be developer need empty or null or with some data added into the li…
  • Hi @bmcglau and all Thnaks for your response. I have raised thia concerns to my tool team and they will contact jtest team soon. So now coming to list or map initialization and branch coverage.. 1.In jtest 10.3.2..we saw its creating mock of l…
  • HI Everyone, We have installed 10.3.4 jtest. Now we are able use power mockito feature and we can mock static method. But there is still some issue. 1.we are not able to still mock EJB object in this version. and if we are manually mocking EJB obj…
  • Hi @bmcglau I have read that documentation. But I can't see that mock option in recommendation tab. And there is only option for mockito. Power mockito option i cant see in preference. I can only see mock it option for getter and setter methods.…
  • Hi @bmcglau Thanks for your response.. I am arranging a meeting with jtest team. Before that I am just clarifying some open point so that I can explain to my team. So can we mock this type of object like ejb or if we are calling methods of diff…
  • Hi @bmcglau Thanks for your response. When I am trying to create junit for 1 method I can see only 1 test methods getting formed. Buy we have different scenarios. So as per my understanding jtest should create junit based on different scenarios…
  • Hi @bmcglau Thanks for your response. But as per jtest documentation if there is any other module call exist to do isolate test jtest will automatic mock dependent class objects. So why we can't do in case of EJB? Correct me if I am wrong.
  • Hi All, Finally I got jtest 10 version.. I am exploring its feature. One issue that I have noticed is For EJB object it is not creating stub method by itself. So it's initial with null So is it not possible for jtest to mock ejb object and if…
  • @maciekg Thanks. Currently we are using maven and sonarqube for build and report generation to show code coverage. I don't have idea how to use this with jtest. I am new to this thing. Any pointers would be helpful for me.
  • @jakubiak When you are saying jtest 9 or 10,what does it mean? It means only library like jar or it's version of editor that is used for jtest. Currently I am using parasoft jtest editor for that. I am confused what is actually jtest means.
  • @jakubiak Thanks.. Can we use jtest library in junit test class?? Thanks in advance.
  • @Andrey Madan thanks.. But I have one doubt. After generating test classes in jtest IDE can I use same code in junit class in normal eclipse IDE. Currently we are using mockito framework to mock data service or any dependency call.In jtest I can …
  • Hi @Andrey Madan I think it's 9.3. In our project currently we r using sonarqube to display code coverage and tesr case success rate to client.Recently we have started using JTest. So can we do that? Thanks in advance