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  • Is there a way to display browser contents within SOAtest both if they fail or pass? Yes. Configure any test step(s) that you want to capture screenshot at by adding an output tool and configure it with screenshot tool. [Assuming you are a…
  • Yes, it's possible to take screenshot and included with report. Here are some good references for this: Thanks, Vi…
  • Hi Prashant, yes you can create a reusable web functional test. Its very easy and common use-case. Example, create a separate .tst for your commonly used functionality (e.g. Login). Next - from your other test, let's say updating profile -- you c…
  • In addition, after enabling above setting if you decide to disable this setting on fly for some reason (Usecase: I know why certain tests are failing and don't want the screenshot for all those to reduce my report size) you can set the same property…
  • Just want to clarify, looping/Test Suite flow logic is defined at "Test Suite" or "Test Scenario" level not at test level. So if you have specific test to run n-times, I would suggest to add that test in separate test-suite/scenario and apply above…
  • (based on your screenshot) Something like this goes in your property file: datasources.jdbc.classpath=C:/Program Files/Parasoft/Test/9.10/plugins/sqljdbc4.jar *If prefer to use backward slash (), make sure to escape it by prepending with another…
  • Hi Ashokan, was this an environmental/configuration issue? If so, please share your experience here - it may help others. Thanks,
  • Besides what previous post suggested and explained, you can try something like this: Let's say I have a payload that returns array of username and password, and I want to make sure password length is exactly 8 characters for each user. Payload: {…
  • In addition - DTP Enterprise Pack (previously known as PIE) starting with DTP 5.3.2 release also documents required ports under DTP Enterprise Pack -> Getting Started with DTP Enterprise Pack in System Requirement section (see Network row).
  • DTP documentation under Installation Guide --> Requirements has section for necessary ports used by DTP. e.g. for DTP 5.3.1