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  • UPDATE We will be shipping a new release of Insure++ supporting Windows 10, very shortly, (It's currently in our final QA process). After that, the next version of Insure++ will support VS 2017. We currently have a target date of 30-Sep-2018.
  • Hi, Insure++ is a debugger. It depends on the debug build, (or at least the debugging symbols.) If you look at the log files you can clearly see this message while compiling in Release modes: WARNING: no debugging flags detected!! Insure++ may…
  • Or, it may be as simple as making sure that /etc/hostname contains the same name as uname -n $ uname -n raddish $ cat /etc/hostname raddish
  • There is another cause of this sort of problem: A disconnect between the host name as reported by hostname(1) and uname(1). Correcting this will resolve this problem completely, no matter what network interfaces are available, (provided that ther…
  • Hi, Unfortunately, Windows 10 is incompatible with Insure++. We are considering support for VS2017, but it's not currently on our roadmap.
  • Step 3 should read: "Locate the line CONTAINING “$(InsureToolPath);$(NativeExecutablePath)” ... Other than that, this is the current workaround.
  • Note: The GIT commit id, (large hexadecimal number), may be different based on version of Insure++. Also, this panic occurs when using boost::thread mutexes and/or locks. So, if you're not using those, YMMV. Boost 1.60 is known to work, (at lea…
  • Hi @PKS, We'll need the complete error message, (hex number included), with all following information, (it tells us the function, file and line number inside Insure++ so we can determine the cause), and the complete Insure++ version number, which i…
  • The above may no longer apply to Insure++ version 7.4.10 and above, due to the fact that an entirely new plugin was created.
  • Insure++ Version 7.4.10 is now shipping
  • Actually, not the beta, but the full release. It should shipping this week, and doesn't support static linking of the C-runtime libraries. (ie the /MT and /MTd command-line switches.) Also, support for Windows 10 Anniversary Build is not available…
  • Mark had a slight typo above in this sentence: "We are currently in the final stages of preparing a beta release of Insure++ for VS2010, targeted for January 30th." He meant, of course, "... Insure++ for VS2015, targeted..." --Rich