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  • Hi, it would help to see what is printed in the "Console" view when you execute tests for project B. Preferebly with console verbosity set to high (Parasoft Menu-> Preferences->Console-> verbosity level)
  • In your post from May 23rd you mention "DTP Engine Call" and also "Run TI CCS v4+ Tests". Does it mean you have "DTP Engine" plugin and "C++test Desktop" plugin installed into single instance of TI CCS ?
  • @tnnrwy63 Is it possible to see the full command line which generated this error?
  • Hello, The default strategy that C++test applies is to take the linker options from the original project settings. This in case of library projects has an obvious disadvantage - executable binary can't be built. The approach with an additional p…
  • @nima_s: Could you please provide little bit more details? What kind of data/ dependencies are you looking for?
  • Test configurations for embedded platforms are grouped under the "Embedded Systems" node in the test configs tree. "Embedded Systems" test configurations are preconfigured to automatically build the C++test runtime library - no need for any chang…
  • In addition to my previous comment, can you please provide information what is the compiler family selected in the Project Properties->Parasoft->C++test->Build Settings?
  • Can you share the information about compiler? What is the version number? Is this commercial or your own build of gcc? Also, is your target 32 or 64 bit?
  • Please go to Parasoft Menu -> preferences -> Technical Support and enable "Preprocessed source files" and "Enable auto-creation of support archives". Note the path in "Archives location" field. Next run the unit testing configuration, upon fa…
  • Can you please attach the console output starting from linking command line down to the end?
  • Hi, The error you are facing is an effect of source code instrumentation. The best way to diagnose it is by analyzing the preprocessed file, before instrumentation. Can you please preprocess the source file for which you see the error and report …
  • Hello, @coinoperated: Do you also see similar problems when using "Run TI CCS v4+ Tests" test configuration? In general, this is the configuration which should be used with CCS. If not yet tried, please use it an let me know the result.
  • You need to download an eclipse plugin installer from customer portal. This is a separate distribution file. Once you have it, just start the installation process and select TI Code Composer as the installation target environment and point to the CC…
  • Please check what is the coverage type selected in the coverage view. It needs to match the type of the coverage collected during analysis. If this does not help, please contact our support team - they will probably need to collect some logs to furt…
  • Hello, I assume that there are two test configurations used in the test flow, one for building the test binary and another for loading test results (.tlog/clog pair) which are copied from the target. If this is the case, it is important to make s…
  • Yes, C++test eclipse plugin supports Code Composer 4 - 6 (officially). It can be also used with 7 however, some small workarounds are required. Official support for latest releases is on our roadmap. Which versions are of interest to you?
  • Hello, CCS4xConnector.js is an interface to the TI Code Composer Debug Server. It allows loading the binary, starting the tests execution and collecting results. It works for real target devices as well as for simulators (if available). The most …
  • Hello, The simplest solution is to add the following two lines to the test case: CPPTEST_ON_CALL("Func2")->If()->LP()->RunId()->Equal()->Value(1)->RP()->If()->LP()->Arg("a")->NotEqual()->Value(1)->RP()->F…
  • I've just tried a simple example with recent C++test and latest gmock. It seems to be working fine. I'm talking about a simple use cases where gmock asserts/expectations messages go to console only (not visible in C++test reports), but full gmock po…