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  • Dear williammccusker, Thank you so much, It is solved. you are very good supporter. thank you.
  • Dear Williammccusker, I have received "null pointer exception" for following line: Application.showMessage("--- StubBatchContext = " + sbctx.getClass().getName()); Method getIncomingMessage = sbctx.getClass().getMethod("getIncomingMess…
  • Dear benken mqcontext.jar not exit and not support And i don’t want use it Please give me a valid sample for use without jndi
  • Also I tried another one, but issue exist yet. please someone assist me.
  • Dears, Also I used following information, but I have received another error. Note: I added "allclient-" and "javax.jms-api-2.0.1.jar" to preferences>parasoft>system property https://hursleyonwmq.wordpress.com/2007/05/29…
  • Dear jakubiak, I checked your solution but unfortunately it does not work, I don't understand why Parasoft virtualization don't have "Message Object Output"? or why it convert Object to String? please help me.
  • When parasoft virtualization convert input to string it lost incoming request body data Please give me a solution Thanks
  • Dear williammccusker, I checked your solution but it isn't work. also I find that when I use "Message Object Output" request body length is 128 byte (fix), but when I convert input (Object) to "Sting" request body length changed dynamically and …
  • Also I tried utf8 and utf16 but issue exist yet My input request body was increapted by RSA And i have to decrypt it befor extracting data Please give me a solution
  • Dear Keegen, I used following code, but I still have error (java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Decryption error) My Code: public String decrypt(Object input) throws JMSException { CryptographyUtil c = new Cryp…
  • Dear Thomas, Thaks for you reply Exactly I want to use a responder suit variable and I dont want to use data bank columns When I call variable it return default value and dont return value of xml databank If you look at my scenario I use a…
  • Thank you benken, you are best supporter That was exactly my answer. Thanks alot.
  • Dear Benken_parasoft, I have been faced with below error, Error Message: Error during script execution. View Details for more information. org.jcp.xml.dsig.internal.dom.DOMXMLSignatureFactory cannot be cast to javax.xml.crypto.dsig.XMLS…
  • Thanks for your reply, do you have any alternative solution (e.g. using scripting or extension tools)?