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  • Note that 7.5.2 hasn't released yet. But is scheduled for release soon. 7.5.1 still supports MSVC++-10.0, (VS 2010), but earlier VS's are no longer supported. Support for VS2010 is deprecated in 7.5.1, and will be dropped in 7.5.2. Thanks for …
  • Well, now I'm embarrassed. We fundamentally changed the way we make these documents beginning with 7.5, and it looks like our packaging engine decided to pick up the old documents instead. I'll be looking into this. The Readme files are mos…
  • UPDATE We will be shipping a new release of Insure++ supporting Windows 10, very shortly, (It's currently in our final QA process). After that, the next version of Insure++ will support VS 2017. We currently have a target date of 30-Sep-2018.
  • Hi, Insure++ is a debugger. It depends on the debug build, (or at least the debugging symbols.) If you look at the log files you can clearly see this message while compiling in Release modes: WARNING: no debugging flags detected!! Insure++ may…
  • Or, it may be as simple as making sure that /etc/hostname contains the same name as uname -n $ uname -n raddish $ cat /etc/hostname raddish
  • There is another cause of this sort of problem: A disconnect between the host name as reported by hostname(1) and uname(1). Correcting this will resolve this problem completely, no matter what network interfaces are available, (provided that ther…
  • Hi, Unfortunately, Windows 10 is incompatible with Insure++. We are considering support for VS2017, but it's not currently on our roadmap.
  • Step 3 should read: "Locate the line CONTAINING “$(InsureToolPath);$(NativeExecutablePath)” ... Other than that, this is the current workaround.
  • Note: The GIT commit id, (large hexadecimal number), may be different based on version of Insure++. Also, this panic occurs when using boost::thread mutexes and/or locks. So, if you're not using those, YMMV. Boost 1.60 is known to work, (at lea…
  • Hi @PKS, We'll need the complete error message, (hex number included), with all following information, (it tells us the function, file and line number inside Insure++ so we can determine the cause), and the complete Insure++ version number, which i…
  • The above may no longer apply to Insure++ version 7.4.10 and above, due to the fact that an entirely new plugin was created.
  • Insure++ Version 7.4.10 is now shipping
  • Actually, not the beta, but the full release. It should shipping this week, and doesn't support static linking of the C-runtime libraries. (ie the /MT and /MTd command-line switches.) Also, support for Windows 10 Anniversary Build is not available…
  • Mark had a slight typo above in this sentence: "We are currently in the final stages of preparing a beta release of Insure++ for VS2010, targeted for January 30th." He meant, of course, "... Insure++ for VS2015, targeted..." --Rich