Supported Unit Test Framework by Parasoft

fatmanur61fatmanur61 Posts: 76


I wonder if Parasoft C++test supports xunit, googletest or boosttest format unit tests? Could you give me information about this case? If C++test supports xunit, googletest or boosttest unit test frameworks, I can write my unit test with these formats.


  • nareshsudhaakarnareshsudhaakar Posts: 9

    @fatmanur61 - C/C++test allows you to run unit tests created in unit testing tools and report results to DTP. The following unit testing tools are currently supported:

    1. Google Test
    2. CppUnit
    3. CppUtest

    The functionality consists of two modules:

    1. a module that extracts and reports unit test case execution results,
    2. a module which annotates code coverage results to associate test cases with code coverage to evaluate the quality of a particular unit test or collection of tests.
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