Executing Unit Test with GoogleTest Framework

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We decided to write our test with GoogleTest format in our company. Then I searched on Parasoft documentation about GoogleTest framework. I found following link documentation and I followed the instruction of it.


We add new variable to our environment path. The path is ; variable : GTEST_OUTPUT , value : C:\users\parasoft\XML_Report.xml

And then we tried the following command in cmd ;

Run the following test configuration and specify the Google Test result XML file as the input (see Configuring Test Configurations for additional information about test configurations):

cpptestcli -config builtin://GoogleTest -input .xml -publish

When we run the above command, We take error and the error says -input unknown option.

In addition to that when we look at the test configuration in builtin we did not find GoogleTest configuration.

After the above steps, We obtained failed then we tried the following steps.

Firstly, we generated bdf file for project (Project is a maven project)
Secondly we duplicated builtin://Run Unit Tests configuration and it appeared in user configuration part. We give the path of our tests folder to duplicated builtin://Run Unit Tests configuration in order to Parasoft can find easly the tests path.

Thirdly cpptestcli -config user://Run Unit Tests -bdf ourbdffile -publish

After this command is run in cmd , the executed test case count was 0 that is parasoft can not run pr find tests.

Could you help us with this situation?


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